Elon Musk’s $10m Flamethrower

Elon Musk has always made being an Entrepreneur look pretty cool. This time he has truly managed to outdo himself. The Tesla and Space X founder has just generated $10million in a matter of days via his other business venture, The Boring Company, by selling flamethrowers. Yes, FLAMETHROWERS.

Marketing genius

With some clever marketing the flamethrowers sold out in a matter of days. So how did he do it?

  1. Personality – with a series of clever tweets, Musk managed to create a social media storm. After presenting the new product, he then joked that it would be great for “when the zombie apocalypse comes”. He then appeals to the sense of humour of his target customer but telling them that it’s a “super bad idea” and “definitely don’t buy one.”.
  2. Limited supply – Musk used the theory of FOMO (fear of missing out) to his advantage by informing his followers that only 20,000 flamethrowers were available. He made no indication of whether further stock would follow and therefore planting the seed that if you missed out now, you may never get your hands on one. Basic supply and demand.
  3. Desire – let’s face it, no one really needs a flamethrower. In a country where gun crime is a hot topic, the last thing you need is flamethrowers on the streets. Despite that, the young boy in me (and probably the man too) is screaming “BUY ONE!!!” for no other reason than it looks awesome!

Did I buy one of Elon Musk’s flamethrowers? No. Did I want one of Elon Musk’s flamethowers? Hell yes. Would I be arrested in the UK for owning one? I expect so.

Say what you like about it but it is a wonderful demonstration of Elon’s marketing genius and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Sadly, I will not be enjoying a Boring Company flamethrower…

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