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How To Get Out of Debt

For many people debt can be a major concern and over the past few years the problem has been getting worse in the UK. At the end of 2017, the average household owed around £13,000, excluding mortgages. Credit has been so easy to come by that we are consuming way beyond our means. Unfortunately, schools... Continue Reading →

Sponsorship Announcement!

I am delighted to announce that The Money Apprentice will now be sponsored by digital marketers - Climb Online! The digital marketing agency Climb Online was founded by Mark Wright, the winner of the 2014 season of hit reality TV show The Apprentice. Climb Online has since become the most profitable business to have sprung... Continue Reading →

Inspiration from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a true innovator who saw the world in a different way to most. Jobs would stop at nothing in the pursuit of perfection but this also gave him a reputation as being difficult to work with. Fired from the company he co-founded, only to return and take it from the verge of... Continue Reading →

How to invest £100

If you haven't invested before and you are looking to get started, it can be tricky to work out where to begin. The kind of investment you make will also depend heavily on how much you have to invest. Let's say we are at the beginning and you have just £100 to invest - where... Continue Reading →

7 Great Investing Quotes

To be a good investor you don't need to be able to pick big winner after big winner. The most successful investors have one thing in common - consistency. If you are able to stick to a method which repeatedly generates consistent returns then you will outperform most people in the long run. To help... Continue Reading →

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